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At Ferreri Partners, our attorneys offer thoughtful and efficient representation to insurers and their policy holders in Kentucky and Indiana. The firm’s Insurance Services group focuses on workers’ compensation, general liability and subrogation.

Focusing on insurance services allows us to understand the areas where law firms can make the largest impact in producing positive outcomes for policy holders. We call those areas pillars and dedicate a significant portion of our time thinking about how we deliver them to our clients in a cost effective manner. Our three pillars are defined as:


Gaining full context of the facts surrounding each claim. Examples of how we ensure great proof include:

• Use of proprietary medical canvassing technology, when appropriate, to discover undisclosed medical treatment

• Creation of a claims management process designed to ensure thorough discovery

• Development of a well-respected group of medical, vocational, reconstruction and regulatory experts

• Establishing policy holder relationships to gain their perspective

• Priding ourselves on understanding the underlying medical diagnosis and prognosis of each injury and their impact on determining the appropriate claim exposure.

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In-depth understanding of both the historic and current interpretation of the applicable statues of regulation. Examples of how we ensure great law include:

• Hiring experienced and aggressive attorneys and support staff. The average experience of our attorneys is over 14 years and our support team is over 10 years.

• Monthly internal claims review meetings that bring a collaborative approach to claims, often resulting in new approaches to the defense as the claim progresses

• Supporting development of novel arguments interpreting the law and, when appropriate, challenging the status quo, precedent or prior ruling of a lower court

• Staying aware of potential legislative changes and mobilizing our stakeholders to take action for the good of our clients

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Creating an exceptional client experience by anticipating needs before they occur. Examples of how we ensure great service include:

• Settle claims that should be settled. Settle them quickly

• Structured communication schedules for each claim and 24 hour responses to inquiries

• Candid assessments of claims – sharing bad news quickly

• Developing content to update our stakeholders on recent changes in the law

• Offering quarterly claims reviews for clients to discuss all pending litigation and litigation summary reports

• Soliciting client feedback on how we are performing and how we can improve

• Establishing a position as a trusted resource.

• Leverage technology for seamless referral, transparency of claim status and collaboration.

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Pre-Litigation Services

We work with clients to resolve a claim before litigation by offering factual overviews, claim value estimations, executing pre-litigation proof plans, negotiating a resolution and drafting settlement paperwork. These services are designed with cost savings in mind and are frequently performed on a flat fee basis for claims where we can create a lot of value.
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Litigation Defense

Our experience as impassioned advocates fuels everything we do. Our attorneys have extensive experience in court rooms and administrative systems. By combining a fact intensive defense, procedural know how and creativity we consistently produce results for our clients.

Portfolio Reviews

We often provide half-day or full-day portfolio reviews to clients to evaluate exposure and possible resolution. Whether looking at legacy claims, active claims or loss portfolio transfers, our team prides itself on offering valuable perspective and new solutions to carriers or self-insured clients.

Appellate Practice

With a deep understanding of Kentucky and Indiana Law and legislative changes, Ferreri Partners often assists clients in presenting appellate arguments on issues that have wide ranging impacts on the insurance industry. We enjoy the intellectual rigor and importance of appellate practice and are proud of our attorneys' roles in establishing precedent.



Our attorneys have been lead counsel on numerous published cases by the Kentucky Supreme Court, have achieved A.V. Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and have been named “Preeminent” by Insurance Bar Magazine. We have experience with all the top insurance companies and acutely understand their expectations.
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We embrace the use of technology to manage our dockets, ensure timely communication and to create transparency for our clients. Technology enables our team to be a more effective, have quicker outcomes, and develiver better communication.
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We are dedicated to preserving an internal culture of teamwork and recognition. We look for opportunities for leadership development for each of our team members. Everyone goes through bi-annual reviews and has a development plan. We work hard and we support each other.


We seek to bridge the gap from outside counsel to a valued business partner. We create value by seeking to integrate with our client's business processes and help them meet their internal goals.
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Thoroughly investigate, find the truth and chart the course.


Open-minded and ready to do whatever is necessary.


We own our actions and produce the highest quality work.


The ability, reliability, and professionalism to deliver.


Inclusion, communication, and leveraging each other's strengths.


Always do the right thing and be true to who we are.


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